The Willow Foundation provides affordable, environmentally sustainable death-care products to grieving families, allowing them to focus on the bereavement process – not the bottom line.

The Willow Foundation will retail caskets, urns, memorial items that are environmentally sustainable. These include caskets and urns made with materials that are non-toxic and biodegradable. We will rent artificial flower displays for memorial services. And to address grief and loss, we will offer peer support via groups, expressive art activities and community events.


The Willow Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide affordable death care products and related services to the St. Louis region. The concept that drives us is threefold:

  • To offer alternative affordable death care products to consumers in a time of personal crisis
  • To offer supportive services (such as our founder’s hosting of Death Cafes), opportunities to connect with others who are grieving, and eventually counseling services.
  • To reduce the negative environmental impact created by traditional burial and cremation practices and products.